New Site, New Products…. A New Beginning

Hey there!

We’re a fine art and photography printer and print broker based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

We’ve had a bit of a facelift at Pro Trade Printing, and we’ve made a few more changes on top of that – so lets talk about these changes!

BAM Print Merge:

This is probably the biggest change!

Towards the end of 2020, we decided to merge Pro Trade Printing with BAM Print. We’ve worked together closely since we launched several years ago, and we realised it made more sense to be working together, fully, under one roof, and not replicating our workload.

This means that going forward:

  • Pro Trade Print‘s website will purely focus on art and photography printing – like canvas, and art prints.
  • BAM Print will focus purely on business printing – like flyers, posters and business cards

This also allows Andy to focus on editing and photography/videography, and Josh (me) to focus on developing the businesses and marketing.

Move to Thirsk:

With the merger with BAM Print, we’ve also moved our business up to Thirsk, and we’ll no longer be operating from our location for the last few years in Selby city center.

Upgraded online presence:

We’d relied on just using social media to market ourselves and our products – but we needed a way for people to order online as the number of customers continued to grow, and we needed to grow our social media presence.

First up, we’ve overhauled our social media plan so we’ll be posting more going forwards on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with information about us, our business, and some of the projects we’ve been working on at Pro Trade Printing.

Secondly, we’ve just launched our webshop – allowing a start to finish process for our customers to order direct to their home address, or direct to their clients. This is something we’ve wanted for a long time, and its great to finally have it available.

More Prints & Print Brokering

We’ve already increased the number of products that we stock at Pro Trade Printing since the start of the Pandemic, and we’ll be adding more products over the coming weeks and months – developing the business to be able to fufill every possible print request from Photographers & Artists looking to sell their work.

Some of these products are printed in house, others are sourced from other print labs in the UK – ensuring the best quality, and cost, for the end user.

We still carry out all the print checks we would ordinarily, and the quality and service standards you’ve come to expect from us will remain much the same, or they’ve even improved!

Eco Projects

We’ve started to work on Green, ecology projects as part of our new direction – we’re looking to become one of the first fully carbon neutral (or negative – where we remove more Co2 from the atmosphere than we produce) in the UK.

  • Every single member of staff on our team’s carbon footprint is offset via Ecologi.
      • Ecologi is a climate organisation based in Bristol, UK. Every month, they plant 12 trees, and offset 0.9 Tonnes of C02 are offset per member of staff to account for their personal carbon footprint.
  • 100% green powered website hosting
      • All our company’s websites are hosted with Krystal. Krystal is a UK based hosting company that uses 100% renewable energy for its offices, and datacentre via Ecotricity – no carbon offsets, all renewable energy sources.You can use Krystal for your own hosting via the referal link here. 50% of proceeds from this referal link will then be used to plant more trees, and offset more carbon via Ecologi’s environmental projects.
  • We ensure that all artwork we produce at Pro Trade only comes from FSC accredited sources – meaning that it comes from well-managed foresets, and/or verified and recycled sources.
  • We previously printed using only water based inks – we’ll continue to do this going forward.
  • For every order, 5% of the print value of the order (not including shipping) goes towards reforesting, clean water production, and CO2 reduction projects with our partners Ecologi.

These won’t be the only projects that we want to work on, and we’ll always appreciate feedback on how we can be a greener, more environmentally friendly business going forward.

2020 was a challenging year for every business – 2021 is looking to be an interesting year, and we’re excited to show you what we have in store (literally) for our customers.

Thanks for reading!

– Josh

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